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thyroid and hearth attackHypothyroidism and enlarged thyroid can cause a slew of health complications; however what many sufferers fail to realize is the impact that thyroid complications have on the most important muscle in the human body, the heart. This risk is predominant in female patients and is said to be caused by an increase in thyroid antibodies called thyroid peroxydase antibodies.

This increase in antibodies leads to higher blood pressure readings and blood cholesterol levels. Menopause in women increases this risk even more, leading to more cases of myocardial infarction. Men and women alike show a doubled risk of developing coronary arterial disease upon onset of hypothyroidism. All these factors greatly increase the risk of mild to severe heart attack which could lead to death.

Statistically, people with a long family history of hypothyroidism and enlarged thyroid have an even higher risk of developing heart complications and suffering from heart attack at a young age. For this reason, many doctors stress the importance of treating thyroid dysfunction, actively. Ignoring thyroid disease can shorten life expectancy by more than ten years, as the heart weakens and fails to pump blood at normal rate.

Lets take into consideration some symptoms of hypothyroidism that are sometimes thought to be unrelated to heart function. When the heart fails to pump adequate amounts of blood through the body on a daily basis, we suffer from poor blood circulation that brings about coldness in the extremities, dizziness and fatigue. Cosmetic concerns such as hair loss, brittle nails and dry skin also occur because blood flow is restricted and cannot prompt cell turnover. All of this is cause for cardiovascular concern.

Enlarged thyroid and hypothyroidism are no laughing matter and are not to be taken lightly. An enlarged thyroid, also known as a goiter, can become so inflamed that blood circulation is further inhibited, increasing risk of coronary complications even more. Thyromine works to help control enlarged thyroid by decreasing swelling and promoting natural thyroxine hormone production to support cardiovascular health. By using all natural ingredients such as key amino acids, Thyromine helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure simultaneously. This results in increased blood flow and proper heart function. Thyromine also helps decrease stress response within the body, which can also have a major impact on heart health.

Thyromine causes no undesirable side effects; containing only ingredients found in nature without the use of additives. For years, people have known the heart healthy benefits of the ingredients found in Thyromine, but in today’s society we have moved towards more conventional treatments, often suffering more than required from additional side effects. By taking the all natural approach, sufferers can find peace of mind as well as normal thyroid gland function, not replacement.

What Is Thyroid Function?

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